Manufactured Homes

Once known as “mobile homes”, manufactured homes are mobile no longer.

They are affixed permanently to a foundation, providing an affordable option for many home buyers.  Manufactured homes were also once known – and derided – for shoddy construction. But that, too, has changed. The truth is that manufactured homes may be constructed as-well or better than most stick-built homes nowadays. In 1975, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the parent agency of FHA, published 24 CFR Part 3280 – MANUFACTURED HOME CONSTRUCTION AND SAFETY STANDARDS. This rule along with subsequent changes specify how these homes are to be constructed. The rule also specifies required inspections of the homes during construction. In 2005, HUD published 24 CFR Part 3285 – MODEL MANUFACTURED HOME INSTALLATION STANDARDS. This rule was a model standard for the installation of these homes and also included inspection requirements. These rules are essentially the building codes for manufactured homes.

Criterium-Cincinnati Engineers inspects manufactured homes and manufactured home parks for the Ohio Manufactured Home Commission (OMHC). We also perform manufactured home structural inspections for Federal Housing Authority (FHA)-backed loans. In fact, we have inspected thousands of them. To say that we know manufactured homes would be an understatement.

Our knowledge of manufactured homes isn’t limited to the homes themselves. At the request of state and federal regulators, we also inspect the factories that manufacture the homes, to verify that the materials and construction protocols they are using meet design and quality standards.

At Criterium-Cincinnati Engineers, we are building experts and we are experts in manufactured homes. That’s a claim few engineering firms can make, and it is the reason you should contact us if you are buying a manufactured home. We can provide the foundation analysis and documentation you need to qualify for a federally-insured mortgage. We can also provide the assurance you want that the home you are buying is structurally sound, durable, and safe.