Fire Escape Inspection

In 2016, the City of Cincinnati enacted a fire escape inspection building ordinance requiring periodic inspections for safety and stability.

Based on this ordinance, all fire escapes must be periodically inspected by a licensed, professional engineer or other qualified professional. While notifications of required fire escape inspections may be sent by the City of Cincinnati, you should consider your safety, the safety of your tenants, and the potential risks of unsafe fire escapes. Having an inspection today will get you ahead of the City’s requirements and minimize the risk of injury or worse.

Is your fire escape safe?

  • Are there any hazardous conditions?
  • Is any remedial work required?
  • Is your fire escape capable of performing its function?
  • Do you have a repair and maintenance program?

Why choose Criterium for your fire escape inspection?

We have performed hundreds of fire escape inspections since the ordinance was passed in 2016. Our professional engineers provide both a report and the completed application so that all you need to do is write the city ordinance check and submit it with the form and report.

Should you have repairs completed, we are happy to return for a re-inspection.

Contact us or call 513-474-9600 for more information so that Criterium-Cincinnati Engineers can help you get started on maintaining or returning your building to compliance.